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Our story

Who are we?

DaLimit is an organization that supports projects from a commercial perspective. We believe we can make a difference if we make children independent and autonomous.

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We support projects

Which focuses on children’s strengths

We support projects which approach children’s education from a broader perspective and contribute to a sustainable society. This sustainable society can be created if children and adolescents are well prepared for the job market and entrepreneurship. It is our intention to develop projects outside of school which will boost the labor market and therefore the local community. Under the section “financial insight” both the annual plans of our projects and our donations can be found in order to provide full transparency. This demonstrates that we make get the best out of your donation!

let's share

In countries where education is not accessible to everyone

Let’s share our excessive wealth and knowledge with children and young adults in countries where this is not obvious! Making the most of your donation is our main goal. None of our team in any way receive compensation. The only costs we incur is the cost of this website. The rest of the donations directly go to the projects we support.

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