Mission, Strategy & Policies

Key principles of the foundation:

• Statutory purpose : To provide financial support to educational and vocational training projects which create opportunities for underprivileged children
• None of our board members receive any kind of financial benefit nor travel or any other kind of reimbursement of expenses. Besides the cost of this domain and website costing 10 USD per month all our donations are spend on our projects of which the financial reports will be made available for all making donations
• In the scenario the foundation might be liquidated remaining funds will be donated to a charity having a similar purpose as DaLimit

DaLimit is an initiative based on the idea of sharing excess of wealth and knowledge paying it forward to young people for educational purposes in countries where this is less accessible. Basis for the education needs to be focused on creating independence that can be passed on and helps create a more sustainable society.

DaLimit is not bound by any form of religion, special belief and or way of life just sharing what we can.

Activities performed by the foundation
The activities of DaLimit will be focused on identifying projects which meet our criteria (only cooperate with other NGO’s that achieve below 8% overhead cost, making the most of every donation is key), to raise funds through networking and fundraising initiatives and check and visit the projects supported.

Current activities and future projects

DaLimit will initially be focusing on a project named “Anjali-House” in Cambodia. Anjali House is a day center servicing 120 students from impoverished backgrounds by providing free education, healthcare, food, hygiene products, and access to the arts.

Anjali House consists of 4 key programs that make up the “core programs”. These include the Education, Young Adult, Basic Care, and Family Services Programs. In addition to these 4 core programs, there are a number of different projects ongoing at the center run independently by Anjali House and often run in conjunction with partner NGOs. The core programs are all run and lead by our Khmer staff.


The Board of DaLimit will be fundraising for the “Anjali-House” project through reaching out to their professional networks in order to engage relationships in sponsoring part of the program at Anjali-House through project based donations or through the child sponsorship program (monthly amount depending on the type of sponsorship). The expected amount to be raised for this project will be approx. EURO 30,000 for 2017.


DaLimit’s Board members will come together on a periodic basis to discuss new projects, progress of existing projects and fundraising initiatives. These periodic meetings will be headed by the chair of the board, minutes of meetings will be taken by the secretary to the board and financial insights will be provided by the treasurer.

The members of the Board are:
Chair: Marcel Schreiner
Secretary: Jeroen Huizer
Treasurer: Remko Vochteloo